My Favorite Water Polo Photo

IN mid January the Lake Brantley high school water polo tournament took place. The Weather was cold and it allowed for some spectacular scenery in the early mornings…. I shot this picture (one of a series) at around 7:30 am against the rising sun. The vapor coming out of the swimming pool makes the image more dramatic…. as it turned out my son’s (pictured here) team won the tournament and went on to an undefeated season all the way to the state championship. I call this picture Gorill ain the Mist:


Earlier this year I sent out this picture to a sports photo contest… 🙂

Water Polo Pictures

I discovered this sport as my son decided to play something far from where I could give my opinion… As it turns out, we became passionate about the sport and we are more into it than he and us ever expected to! I have to admit that shooting water polo is not the easiest task but over the past 3 years I have taken some pictures that I like better than the rest and here are some ….

@ Belen Jesuit

@ Belen Jesuit

@ Lake Brantley

@ Lake Brantley








Underwater Photograhy

I had the opportunity to sit with my partner Raul Touzon to learn about underwater Photography and here are some examples of what I got…


Now let’s try with the strobes outside of the water…


The girls could not be left out of course….

Inna and Nana having fun in front of the camera

Inna and Nana having fun in front of the camera


Actually I am pretty satisfied with the result, but there is a lot to learn…. from assembling the housing to actually get a steady shot!