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Welcome to my Blog!

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  • Then it began to spiral more steeply down, and the smooth slope became stairs. Tanya turned her face into Jason s neck completely at his mercy.
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    Herzen Cortes:
    Photographer by passion (and accident). Decided to pursue photography after
    spending 19+ years in the Information Technology industry where he successfully
    led teams and ran operations across the Latin America, North America and Asia
    Pacific regions for some of the most successful software companies. 

    In 2007, I co-founded Photo Xpeditions
    (, a travel photography workshops and tours outfitter
    that promotes, in partnership with some of the best photographers in the world like Mary Ellen Mark
    and companies like National Geographic Expeditions and the Santa Fe
    Workshops, the best learning experiences while travelingto some of the most beautiful places on earth. My portfolio can be seen and you can also visit my online store and proofing site at

    A few images of the celebrations of Holy Week in Leon, Spain. Photos taken during the National Geographic Expeditions’ Spain’s Northern Coast by Private Rail led by National Geographic Photographer Tino Soriano and National Geographic Expert Fiona Dunlop. © Herzen Cortes

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    Kids Boxing in B&W, Oaxaca, Mexico

    During the days I spent getting familiarized with Mary Ellen Mark’s Workshop in Oaxaca we learned that there was going o be a boxing club competition in a small town nearby and went on to witness it and of course to capture some photos…. again trying to blend into the spirit of the workshop I...

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    Atayde Circus, Color Photos

    For posting the pictures of the show I believe color will be more effective… by the way, this is the first time I go the the circus without my kids, odd feeling!

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  • Sure, he got bored sitting on the phone, listening to people complain about the software on their computer.
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    This is too soon for her to do such a drastic image change.
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  • Funny how that didn t occur to either one of them.
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  • However, Valear brought him a new life and opened up an unthinkable world to him.
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  • He s had more than enough experience with women like that and has grown bored of it. Her claws dug into the guard's cheek as she leaped off him.
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    Photos B&W from the Atayde Circus

    Anyone who grew-up in Mexico is familiarized with the Atayde Hermanos Circus which is the most famous circus in that country. It is no secret that circuses are a favorite subject of Mary Ellen Mark. During the latest workshop in Oaxaca, last February,  we talked to one of the owners and gained access to the...

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    Mary Ellen Mark Workshop in Oaxaca

    Recently I flew to Oaxaca to sit at one of the wonderful photo workshops of Mary Ellen, the experience was amazing. The workshop is organized in such a way that photographers do have the freedom and the choice of pursuing and perfecting their own photographic style under the careful watch, editing and feedback of Mary...

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    Thanksgiving 2009

    Here are some pictures from our great thanksgiving dinner @ Parachinis’ … Good friends, lots of fun and great food!

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  • You better make your move before Jason snatches her away. She was thankful for the flimsy door as she slammed it shut with the full weight of her feline body.
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  • The look of apprehension on her face let him know that she thought he might be angry with her .
  • Then they expect you to have the energy to dance?
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    All at once, the howling stopped as one by one the therians worked to reclaim their human forms. Imagine what an eternity would be like with this man.
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  • Valear, sensing her unrest focused on her for a moment, 386 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story You do well as one of us, my dear.

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  • Turning to Richie and Miriam, he waved them to the door.
  • Ted finished hooking the horse up and shot her an amused look. Tanya stared at him with and expression of surprise, then it changed to something of confusion as if she was trying to solve a math problem in her head.
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  • He could easily take the leader of the pack and perhaps Lucas if they were by themselves, but certainly not the entire pack.
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    Day of the Dead Photo Workshop Day 6: San Agustin Etla’s Comparsas - Personalities from Day of the Dead

    WOW! The day of the dead tradition is so much into the being of every person in Oaxaca that it should no keep amazing me but I can’t help it. We rode a bus into San Agustin Etla and walked all the way to the house where the Town  Comparsa for the night would depart...

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    Day of the Dead Photo Workshop Day 5: Xoxocotlan Graveyard

    Mitla was a nice town with an interesting market however the peak of the day was the visit to the Graveyard at night. I pretty much focused on the old graveyard and it was intense. The people around their relatives graves, the candle lights, the prayers and the atmosphere in general amongst other things made...

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  • And wasn t she enjoying it a little too much?
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  • She stared at the kind woman for a moment trying to gather the right words, I want to thank you for your offer Sadira, but I can t possibly accept this.
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  • Now, when that preacher comes, you ll do right by her. She refused to have sex in the barn at least for her first time.
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  • Once he reached the door, he pulled out his identification card and swiped it. The mythology claiming a witch's familiar to be a cat was rooted somewhat in fact.
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    Day of The Dead Photo Workshop Day 4: Ocotlán Market and Oaxaca’s Comparsas

    On day four we headed out of the city in the morning to visit the Market of Ocotlán. There is an enclosed market which extends out to all the streets surrounding the market and even beyond them to the areas around the cathedral and the convent. Once back in the hotel we had our customary...

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    Day of The Dead Photo Workshop Day 3: Zaachila Animal Market and Oaxaca’s Market

    Visiting the animal market was a weird experience  but highly intensive, you will be able to judge by yourself by looking at the pictures. We got there early morning and all farmers were already there with their animals or unloading them. In this market, farmers from all over the place come to buy and sell...

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